Original Birth Certificates, Registry, Vital Records

Illinois Adoption Law: Adopted Persons Allowed Access To Their Original Birth Certificates

Public Act 96-0895 became effective May 21, 2010 and makes it possible for an adult adoptee or surrendered person over the age of 21 to obtain a non-certified copy of his or her Original Birth Certificate (OBC) under certain circumstances. If an adult adopted or surrendered person is deceased, their adult child or spouse (if there is a minor child) may request a non-certified copy of the adopted or surrendered person’s original birth certificate. This same Public Act allows some birth parents to specify their wishes with regard to contact and the release of their identifying information. Requests may be made with the Illinois Adoption Registry and Medical Information Exchange. Learn more and find the required forms here.

The Illinois Adoption Registry and Medical Information Exchange (IARMIE)

The Illinois Adoption Registry and Medical Information Exchange was created in 1985 as a means for individuals involved in an Illinois adoption to share information and connect with others involved in the adoption. Signing the forms for the Illinois Adoption Registry gives the state of Illinois permission to authorize or prohibits the release of identifying information about you, in a manner you specify, to your birth relatives) also on the Registry.

Over the years legislative changes have been made to the Illinois Adoption Registry, expanding and enhancing it; Please be aware that it may continue to change as laws change in the future. To learn if you are eligible for the Illinois Adoption Registry and to access forms, visit the website or call 877-323-5299 (toll-free) or (217) 557-5159.

We also recommend these registries: The International Reunion Registry can be found at www.isrr.org. and the Adoption.com Reunion Registry can be found at http://registry.adoption.com.

Vital Records

The Cradle does not have access to birth certificates or copies of court records in adoption proceedings. To request a copy of your birth certificate go to the Illinois Department of Vital Records. To request a copy of the court records in adoption proceedings, please contact the County where your adoption took place. For those adoptions occurring in Cook County, visit the Circuit Court of Cook County.

Confidential Intermediary Service of Illinois

Illinois law provides a way for adoptees, adoptive parents, birth parents and other birth relatives to search and connect.  The Confidential Intermediary Service of IL  is a program of the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services, delivered  by Midwest Adoption Center. Go to CI-Illinois.org or call 847-298-9096 to learn more.