We know that after an adoption is complete, clients might have questions, concerns, or need additional resources. We have reviewed a number of resources and consider these some of the best we are aware of. Topics and sources range from books to websites to stories from our own clients.  We hope you find these useful on your adoption journey. Should you need more personalized assistance, consider scheduling a session with one of our experienced Adoption Therapists.

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The Shine's adoption story

Video Transcript

Slide: Meet the Shine Family

An open adoption story

Son: My birth mom Michelle lives in Indiana and we live in St. Louis so it’s a little far away but I guess we see them quite often. And they’ll come down to our house with their two girls and go to a park or something and go out to eat and so when they come over, my brother really likes them too, he likes to make them laugh. And they’ll real fun to have around the house.

My parents never tried to hide the fact that she was my birth mom, so it’s not really that they had to explain that she was my birth mom. It was kind of always just there. If I asked, I don’t ever remember it being confusing. There was never really a problem because Michelle was my birth mom and my parents are my parents.

Mom: Other than you flaunting, “I have two moms and you only have one, Brandon.”

Dad: I actually think one of the reasons it worked so well was not only did we have complete counseling on what to expect but Michelle did too. And things happened as we were told they might happen and I think 90% of it is understanding what could happen. And everybody did and it happened just as we were told and it’s ended up being a great relationship.