Looking To Adopt a Baby

The Cradle has an extensive list of wonderful families ready and excited to welcome a new baby into their home. All adoptive families must undergo a comprehensive screening process and complete our adoptive family education courses before they are approved to become Cradle families.

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Meet some Cradle families now.

Hi there, Thank you for taking time to read our book and getting to know us more.
Welcome to the world of Greg and Erin! We would like to show you a glimpse of who we are by sharing our story and photos.
Imagine pulling up to a stoplight and looking over witnessing two people singing at full volume. “Don’t stop… Believin’.
Hi! We're Ralph & Rena. The best way to describe ourselves is "fun-loving"! Our home and hearts are filled with love and laughter.
“The future is so bright, we gotta have shades!” This is a quote that Ross has jokingly said for years and something we have both adopted as a life m
Hello, “There will always be a reason why you meet people.
We are humbled with the opportunity to share our lives with you and hope to have the opportunity to tell you more in person.
Hello! We’re Meredith and Doyle and we’re excited about the possibility of becoming parents through adoption.
Thank you for the opportunity to introduce myself and my plans for fatherhood.