Adoptive parent screening process

You want only the best. So do we.

Not just any family becomes a Cradle adoptive familyWe put all prospective families through our own comprehensive screening and educational process and make sure that they are genuinely committed to and excited about adopting a child. If they don’t meet our expectations, they don’t meet you. Our Cradle adoptive families must complete all of the following: 

  • Criminal and child abuse and neglect background check
  • Mandatory participation in adoptive parent preparation classes
  • Extensive pre-adoption counseling sessions
  • Assurance the adoptive families are medically, financially and mentally stable and excited to become parents through adoption
  • Comprehensive home visit with a Cradle counselor to assure the home is a safe environment for a baby

We know this may sound tough. But so is the decision to choose adoption. That’s why we do our best to offer you the best. The Cradle’s commitment to provide your child a safe, stable and loving home.

An adoptive mom describes her open adoption

Video Transcript

Slide: meet Lindsay an adoptive parent

Lindsay: My name is Lindsay Porter and I am the mom of Cj who is 4-years-old. I’m in an open adoption with Sarah, who is my son’s birth mom, and actually her whole family as well. I knew it was going to be a good fit because once we started talking we just couldn’t stop.

She was already having early contractions and she had a feeling she would deliver early. And she did. She delivered three days after our meeting. And it was interesting too because her initial plan was to have her own time at the hospital, and we weren’t going to be involved. That was obviously her choice. But we got a call that afternoon and her mom said, she’d like you to be here. After meeting us, she just felt like she wanted us to be there. That was really amazing.

After Cj was born by C-section, Cj’s birth dad saw me in the hospital hallway. He was fully in his scrubs and he just like hugged me as hard as he could, and he said take care of him for me because I can’t do it.

Slide: an evolving relationship

Lindsay: It’s funny, in the beginning we had a more formalized visitation schedule. Now we have such openness that we can make a plan in the spur of the moment or far in advanced. It really really is like extended family for us. I feel like Sarah’s kind of like another little sister to me. Really, which is funny because my actual little sister is also named Sarah. I have two Sarah’s in my life who are very, very important to me.

Cj definitely loves her. I don’t know that he fully, fully understands his relationship with her. What we tell him is that he was in Sarah’s tummy before he was born and she took care of him in her tummy, and she took care of him after he was born when he lived at The Cradle for a week. And that she chose us to be his mom and dad. But that he gets his eyes from her, gets his dimples from her. And he gets a lot of things from her actually.

Slide: from one mom to another

Lindsay: I have to say, the main thing I want to say to Sarah is that I love her. I do, I love her. And not because she gave me some gift. I believe that she gave her son what she felt he needed, but I love her because she’s an awesome person and I love her, you know, regardless. But also because I love my son, I love all the people that made him who he is. I see things in him, I see expressions that he makes in his face and I say, Oh wow that’s Sarah. Or things that he says, or his little stubborn streak and I can just see that that’s her. And I love everything about him and I don’t think it’s possible to love him without loving her.