What to consider?

You may feel overwhelmed with so many things to think about now that you’re pregnant.

With this in mind, we created the following questionnaire to help you think about your pregnancy and the planning that goes into providing a baby a good home.

At the end of it, tally up your answers and use the key as a guide to determine whether or not you could use some help planning your future. And, remember, we’re here for you when you need us.

You and your family:

Was this pregnancy planned?

Do you have information on all the options available to you?

Are your family members aware of your pregnancy?

Will your family support you in parenting this child?


Your home:

Do you currently live somewhere where you can care for a newborn?

Do you live in a home free of abuse and destructive behavior?


Financial considerations:

Do you have a job or other means of steady support?

Have you prepared a budget of estimated expenses that go along with raising a child?


Your future plans:

Have you finished your education?

Have you considered how a baby will affect your future plans?


Raising your child:

Will your baby have a father or father figure in his or her life?

Are any of your good friends or family members single parents?

Do you feel prepared emotionally to teach a child values?

Are you prepared to always put your baby's needs first?

0 Yes
0 No

4 "No" answers or less: You seem to be carefully considering your plans for your baby. Don't forget to re-assess your options and plans over time.

5 - 7 "No" answers: The Cradle's options counseling may help you better understand the challenges and realities of parenting. You may want to compare a parenting plan to adoption. This can help you make the best plan for you and your baby.

More than 7 "No" answers: Will you be able to meet your child's needs? You may need some extra help in exploring your options. Whether adoption is ultimately your plan or not, The Cradle can help you develop a plan that will be best for you and your child.