Birth father rights

The father has rights, too. 

Whatever your relationship or involvement with the baby’s biological father, he, too, has specific legal rights.

Secure and legal adoptions are our utmost priority.  We honor the legal rights of all involved. 

We encourage fathers to be part of adoption counseling and planning, if possible.  However, if the biological father is not involved or cannot be located, The Cradle will still help.  We will help make sure that all appropriate parties are informed, included and respected.

You can be sure that The Cradle possesses the expertise to guide each parent through the legal process required. Count on your Cradle counselor to support you through the adoption process.

To learn more about biological father rights and responsibilities in Illinois, click here.

A birth father discusses choosing open adoption

Video Transcript

Slide: How do you feel about your adoption plan today?

It’s very hard because even though you know you did the right thing, you still gave away your child. And, at least for me, I didn’t grow up with a dad, so it was extremely difficult for me to have a son and then give him away. But, I still stand by my decision that he has the life that he should have. And I do share about adoption and how it went, and how it was such a great experience, and how we still see him. He knows us, he knows we’re his birth parents. You know the stigma around it has lifted for me so I do share with people that it’s not what you think it is all the time. Sometimes there are bad cases, but it’s really a good experience.