Adopting a Sibling Fees

To ensure that we always have sufficient options for all expectant parents and families for every child entrusted to our care, The Cradle Foundation's Finding Families for Children initiative financially supports the adoption fees for adoptive parents to a sibling being placed for adoption if the parents were not actively looking to increase their family at that time.

Our Fee Breakdown

Registration Fee $500
Homestudy: Phase One $0
Homestudy: Phase Two $0
Complete Homestudy $1,000
Program Fee $5,000
Placement Fee $8,500

Need help with adoption expenses? The Federal Adoption Tax Credit is up to $13,840. Learn more.

Click here for information on financial resources available to help make adoption a financially accessible option for building your family.

All Fees are subject to change. Refund Policies
Fees effective October 1, 2015