The Cradle Companies List

The Cradle Companies List will recognize organizations offering competitive benefits to adoptive parents, including maternal and paternal leave, financial assistance, and other resources.

What are the benefits for my company?

●  This list of adoption-friendly employers will be visible as a resource to Cradle families and community members, and to attract potential new hires.

●  Cradle Companies will be eligible for continued educational support about adoption, parenting and related topics.

●  This is a no-cost, high-visibility corporate partnership with a nationally-respected nonprofit and a powerful cause.

What are the criteria?

Using the standards set by past Silver Cradle Awardees from 2003-2019, The Cradle team will determine the top companies supporting employees touched by adoption in a variety of areas.

Gold - Competitively Adoption-Positive & Family-Friendly

✔  Weeks of paid parental leave for new adoptive parents (max.): 12+

✔  Financial Assistance (Maximum): $5,000+

✔  Provision of multiple additional resources for new parents/families touched by adoption*

Silver - Excellence in Adoption-Positive Best Practices

✔  Weeks of paid parental leave for new adoptive parents (max.): 2+

✔  Financial Assistance (Maximum): $5,000+

✔  Provision of additional resources for new parents/families touched by adoption encouraged*

*Examples include but are not limited to EAP resources and referrals, counseling, child care and more

How do I apply?

The Cradle Companies List 2022 application period is open September 1 - November 30, 2021. Applications can be submitted electronically on our website or by email. 

●  Online Form: We encourage you to save your content in a separate document, as our online form does not save responses.

●  Downloadable PDF Form: Please complete (type or handwritten) and email to

We are grateful to TransUnion for their sponsorship of The Cradle Companies List.