The Cradle Associates

The Cradle Associates Board is a committed group of individuals who all have a powerful voice and story around adoption.

Associates Board Statement of Intention
We are a team of people who want to share the mission of the Cradle and support the impactful work that it supports. We are volunteers and fundraising liaisons, connected to adoption through our own adoption, our children, and our spouses. We want to lift the voices of the adoption community through our efforts while supporting diversity of thought, responsibility and action.

2022-2023 Roster

Members & Committee Chairs

Liz Fruth
Kayla Gardner
Aaron Katz - Treasurer
Yael Mayer
Kim Paral
Gianni Rianeri
Brittany Richter, Marketing Committee Chair Nominee
Maria-Alicia Serrano
Ann Wolf
Anaiah Zainea, Secretary

Penelope Boardman, Liaison to The Cradle Board of Directors

Past Chairs of The Cradle Associates

Braeden Schaefer
Casey Karl
Laura Irons
Jeff Marcella
Kelly Langan
Crystal Bowyer
Joel Jaglin

The Cradle Associates was formed in 2001 as a means of drawing on the energy and enthusiasm of young professionals who are affiliated with The Cradle or who are otherwise interested in adoption. To learn more about how you can get involved with The Cradle Associates, please contact


  • A Night for the Nursery at Lagunitas

  • At the Races

  • At the Races

  • Brewing at Lagunitas

  • Brewing at Lagunitas