Agency Assisted Adoption Program
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The Cradle's Agency Assisted Adoption Home Study Program is a great choice for many families.  We can prepare a home study to help you adopt from a placing agency. Families who desire to adopt from a different state need to identify a placing agency that is licensed within their state and approved by the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services. The Cradle requires that the agency be a 501(c)(3) and/or a non-profit.

As a part of your home study, The Cradle offers training to prepare you for an open adoption. The open adoption philosophy is a component of most domestic adoptions and in some states, may even be legally binding. Your placing agency will share with you more information on their requirements regarding open adoption. The more you learn about all the benefits of open adoption, the more you may find it is right for you.

Agency Assisted Adoption Program Fees

Understanding the costs of adoption and the services that your money goes toward is an important part of the process. Please take a look at the chart below to see a breakdown of domestic adoption costs:

Agency Assisted Adoption Fee Breakdown

Registration Fee $500
Homestudy: Phase One $500
Homestudy: Phase Two $1,600
Complete Homestudy $1,400
Home Study Update Fee $300 per update
Agency Assisted Coordination Fee $750/first agency, $250/each additional agency
Post-placement Fee $300 per update***
Program Fee varies by agency
Placement Fee varies by agency

*** Minimum of three visits required by The Cradle. Fees must be paid in full before initial post-placement visit.

Need help with adoption costs? The Federal Adoption Tax Credit is up to $13,840. Learn more.

Click here for information on financial resources to help with adoption costs. There are several opportunities you can explore to help make make adoption a financially accessible option for building your family. You may be able to offset some of the cost of domestic adoption with tax credits, employee benefits, grants or loans.

All Fees are subject to change. Refund Policies

Attend a General Adoption Information Meeting at any of our locations throughout the Chicago, Illinois area. These meetings provide an overview of The Cradle's adoption programs, introduction to open adoption (for domestic adoption), and include an opportunity for questions.

Complete and return preliminary paperwork with registration fee.

Meet with your personal adoption counselor who will discuss your interest in adoption.

The home study consists of a series of couple and/or individual interviews with your counselor, selecting the adoption program that is right for you, home visits, paperwork, and a series of educational classes that will prepare you for welcoming a child into your home. Your counselor will work closely with you throughout your preparation process. A home study is the legal document which outlines the backgrounds, lifestyles, home setting and medical history of an adoptive family. A home study also includes a background check and fingerprinting.

To learn more about the home study process please visit the Child Welfare Information Gateway website.

Choose your anticipated child's placement agency while your home study is being completed. Learn about the Interstate Compact for the Placement of Children (ICPC) process. Talk to a mentor family.

Create your profile to introduce your family to potential expectant parents. Your Profile will contain information and photos of yourselves, family and friends. This is your first introduction to potential expectant parents and will help them to understand a little about what it would be like for their child to live with your family. Your profile will be shown to expectant parents who are considering adoption.

Take the Adoption Learning Partners' course on adoption profiles to help get you started.

They will answer legal questions, give advice and assist you in the legal finalization process of your child.

Receive a referral of a specific child from your placing agency.

Travel varies depending on state requirements.

Your adoption counselor will visit with you at least three times during the first six months after placement. Specific requirements for post-placement visits vary by state. You'll be able maintain your connection to The Cradle and other adoptive families at our many family events and workshops.