Intercountry Adoption

About The Cradle's Intercountry Adoption Home Study Program

Intercountry adoption is a great choice for many families. Since 1985, The Cradle's Intercountry Adoption Home Study Program has helped hundreds of children from over 20 countries join their forever families. The Cradle is an IAAME Hague accredited adoption service provider.

Our intercountry pre-adoption training is designed to prepare prospective parents for the unique rewards and challenges of adopting a child internationally. Topics include:

⬤  medical issues in intercountry adoption

⬤  strengthening attachment

⬤  emotional/behavioral regulation in children who have a history of trauma

⬤  grief and loss

⬤  positive adoption language

⬤  birth parents

⬤  race and identity

⬤  adoption as a lifelong process.

You will receive information, guidance and support throughout your adoption journey and after your child is home.

Because intercountry adoption is constantly changing and evolving, The Cradle is proud to have trusted partnerships with well-established, knowledgeable Primary Provider. Intercountry adoption is subject to U.S. Federal and State laws, as well as the laws in the child’s birth country. 

Schedule a free 20 minute call with an Adoptive Parent Counselor to learn more about intercountry adoption.

Learn more about our Intercountry Adoption Program fees.

Additional Resources

⬤  Visit the Department of State Intercountry Adoption for an overview of the intercountry adoption process and country specific information.

⬤  Visit the Child Welfare website for articles related to intercountry adoption topics.

⬤  Intercountry Supplemental Services Agreement to learn more about the policies of The Cradle's Intercountry Program.

Intercountry Adoption Process

Each country sets their own regulations regarding who is eligible to adopt form their country. Please research the country you are considering to determine if you meet the country’s eligibility requirements.


If you have any questions or wish to explore your options further, please schedule a free 20 minute call with an Adoptive Parent Counselor.

The Cradle’s Qualifications

The Cradle welcomes prospective adoptive parents of all religious, racial and ethnic backgrounds.

Marriage Status:

We work with married couples as well as single men and women.

At the time of registration couples do need to be married, but we do not have a marriage length requirement.

Age Requirements:

At the time of registration, prospective adoptive parents need to be a minimum of 25. For intercountry adoption, the maximum age will need to comply with each country’s requirements.

Location Requirements:

Prospective adoptive parents must live within one of the six counties in Illinois we serve:

⬤  Cook

⬤  DuPage

⬤  Kane

⬤  Lake

⬤  McHenry

⬤  Will

Attend an Adoption Information meeting at any of our meeting locations. These meetings provide an overview of The Cradle's adoption programs, introduction to international adoption, and include an opportunity for questions.

Complete and return preliminary paperwork and registration fee

Meet with your personal adoption counselor who will discuss your interest in adoption.

The home study consists of a series of couple and/or individual interviews with your counselor, selecting the adoption program that is right for you, home visits, paperwork, and a series of educational classes that will prepare you for welcoming a child into your home. We also can put you in touch with a mentoring adoptive family, someone who has been through the process before who can answer your questions and speak to any concerns you may have.

A home study is made up of the following parts:
•  fingerprints
•  criminal background check
•  state child abuse and neglect clearance
•  medical history
•  a series of interviews with an adoption counselor 
•  autobiography
•  references
•  home visit


Choose your anticipated child's country-of-origin while your home study is being completed. Learn about choosing a placement agency.

Complete and submit dossier (request for adoption) to your country of choice


Receive a referral of a specific child from that country

Your travel may include 2 trips, depending on the country requirements.

Your adoption counselor will visit with you at least three times during the first year after placement. Specific requirements for post-placement visits vary by country. You'll be able maintain your connection to The Cradle and other adoptive families at our many family events and workshops.