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February 08,2022
Representation Matters: Affirming Girls of Color
Congratulations Class of 2021 & 2020 - Watch Video - The Cradle
January 04,2022
Meet some of the families formed through adoption at The Cradle. This video features the Class of 2021 and some families from our Class of 2020.
December 28,2021
With the surge of the Omicron variant this holiday season, we rounded up some resources to keep you and your family safe, and physically and mentally healthy.
parent holding hands with child wearing backpack
August 10,2021
As we wrap up the warm summer months, families are preparing for the start of the school year. Fresh clothes, new shoes and organizing backpacks filled with classroom supplies can be exciting. It can also be stressful.
August 06,2021
As we celebrate the stories from our Cradle family, Penelope Savalas Boardman shares her Cradle connection - her son, Dmitry: “When Dmitry was three years old, as I was tucking him into bed one evening, he said: ‘Mama, when I was a baby, I needed you and you came to get me.’
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June 02,2021
Even in families that have great communication and talk openly about adoption, tweens and teens face challenges they may not talk to you about.
June 18,2020
Thank you to those who attended the Our Children Webinar titled Black Children and Mental Health. Thank you to our panel of therapists and parents, for sharing your knowledge and insight about children who struggle with variou
Child unhappy eating breakfast
July 20,2015
The dinner table is not always an easy place. Foster and adopted children often have challenges such as food insecurity, food hoarding and preoccupation, picky and selective eating, and sensory challenges.
April 22,2015
The documentary Closure is a story that follows the life of an adopted person in her quest to find her birth parents.The essence of the story, as I saw it, was about the need for a
June 01,2013
Peek into the Cradle Nursery on the 3rd floor of our Evanston building and you will see a bustle of activity, delivered in an atmosphere of peace and calm.