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Nearly five years ago, The Cradle launched a new initiative called Our Children: An Education and Empowerment Series.

Our Children is a multi-year series of programs and events aimed at educating families about the realities and injustices their children may experience in societal interactions, and providing support to those families

Our goal is to educate families about the realities their children may experience in societal interactions and give parents the tools they need to successfully communicate and navigate these difficult dynamics in positive and productive ways.

Our Children continues to engage families in difficult discussions and help families understand and prepare for realities and injustices their children may face. 

The genesis of Our Children was about addressing the needs and concerns of African American and transracial adoptive families, this program has actually placed The Cradle into larger conversations happening all across America. Our Children has allowed us to touch so many more individuals through engaging in dialogue around the issues that are most important to them. 

As we celebrate The Cradle’s 97th anniversary, we continue to engage families in difficult discussions to help them understand and prepare for realities and injustices their children may face. And in doing so, linking arms with parents, resource partners and community groups, as we make new inroads both locally and nationally. 

COMING SOON - The 2020 Our Children 6-Webinar Series:

Raising Black Boys Revisited 2020

From Black Boys to Black Men (The Fear that Means)

Can You Hear Me Now? Black Adults Speaks!

Raising Black Girls Roundtable

The Color of Education

Black Child | White Parent (What you need to know)

2020 Our Children 6-Webinar Series Package
(includes access to all of the above listed webinars)

Each webinar will offered at $25.00 per registration. 
The 2020 Our Children 6-Webinar Series Package will be offered at $100.00.

The Cradle and a Cradle family were featured on CBS Chicago evening news, talking about transracial parenting and the Our Children Initiative. October 5, 2016 


SAVE THE DATE - 7/30/2020 - Raising Black Boys Revisited 2020 Webinar

On July 30, 2020, The Cradle will launch the first in a series of webinars we will host over the next six months to promote honest and open dialogue about the realities of raising a Black boy in today’s world.

We are bringing together a panel of African American parents to talk about the challenges of raising a Black boy in 2020. The panelists will discuss the conversations they are having with their sons around the Black Lives Matter Movement and protests happening around the world. We will share how they explain the incidents of violence and racial tension in the news each day and how these conversations shape our young boys as they transition to adulthood. We will talk about everyday fears they have for their sons’ safety and what they tell their sons to ensure that they get home safely.

We have assembled a panel of distinguished African American men who will discuss the realities of being Black men and raising Black boys in today’s society. Panelist will reflect on their childhoods, as well as their current role as the father of Black boys and share openly the types of conversations that are taking place in their own home.

Registration for this webinar to open soon!